ADAN Company is a leading full-service construction and specialty contractor that serves the Oil and Gas fields need from electric power line, Pipe line communications, oilfield electrical services to the operation and maintenance of the related facilities and equipment.

We master the full spectrum of technologies needed to supply electrical energy to oil and gas installations, on-shore or off-shore.

The electrical system shall be designed economically for continuous and reliable services.

ADAN Company is committed to provide effective Solutions to meet client’s requirement and ensure quality on site Job execution to maximize client returns in the domain of design, engineering and servicing of complete integrated power distribution systems like as local equipment rooms, modular substations and powerhouses, medium voltage switchgear, intelligent low voltage switchgear (LV switchgear and Intelligent Motor Control Centers) and integrated protection and control systems by cooperation with worldwide leader manufacturers in this field.

All times, the design should include Capacity of required Power supply, Distribution network, Electrical system in hazardous area, Relay selection, Circuit breaker selection, motor starting, short circuit calculation, Load flow …etc.